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EarthWise Pest Management is your reliable pest control and extermination company in Granite Bay, CA. We're a local group dedicated to providing safe and effective solutions to keep homes and businesses pest-free.

We offer residential and commercial pest control services designed to reduce and eliminate fleas, termites, rodents, and other unwanted guests. Our team of professional exterminators is fully licensed and highly trained, with experience handling pest infestations of all sizes using the most effective treatment methods.

With our fast-action pest control, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home or business is free of pests. So get in touch with us today for a free quote or to schedule services with the best pest control and extermination company in Granite Bay, CA.

Eco-Friendly Pest Management

EarthWise Pest Management is more than just another pest control company. We're a team of trained professionals committed to safeguarding your property from harmful pests while preserving our planet.

We believe in combining science with nature, using eco-friendly methods that not only eliminate pests but also prevent their return. We plan and prepare for the future with our Integrated Pest Management strategy.

Our Pest Management and Extermination Services

At EarthWise Pest Management, we offer a comprehensive range of pest control services tailored to meet your specific needs. From flea and wasp removal to everything in between, we have the expertise and the tools to handle it all. When you rely on our pest control and extermination company in Granite Bay, CA, you can choose from the following services and more:

Termite Services

As eaters of wood, termites are destructive and dangerous to your property. As a result, a termite colony can result in serious damage to your home. However, with our aggressive termite services, we eliminate these invaders from your interior walls and other areas of your home.

Bed Bug Services

Your home should be a haven, free from the worry of bed bugs. Our safe and effective bed bug services are designed to protect your family and pets while minimizing environmental impact.

Commercial Pest Control

A pest infestation can harm your business reputation. That's why we offer commercial pest control services to help you maintain a clean, safe, and pest-free environment for your employees and customers.

Preventative Pest Control

The most effective way to avoid a pest problem is by scheduling quarterly pest prevention treatments before they move into your property. At EarthWise Pest Management, we can keep rodents, termites, bed bugs, and more away from your home or business.

Why Choose Us for Pest Control and Extermination?

Choosing EarthWise Pest Management means choosing an experienced, reputable pest control company that values the health and safety of your family and the environment. Here's why we stand out as the leading pest control and extermination company in Granite Bay, CA:

Expertise: Our team of trained professionals is equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle any pest problem. We're a pest control company that sends a dedicated technician each time you call for service.

Eco-Friendly Methods: We use environmentally friendly pest control methods that are safe for your family, pets, and the planet.

Customized Solutions: We understand that every pest problem is unique. That's why we offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

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