Countries That Enjoy Eating Bugs

The team at Earthwise Pest Management have a strong dedication to ensuring that our clients don’t struggle with pests in their homes or their businesses. While our goal is to ensure that these spaces remain pest free, we can’t help but be fascinated by the way that other countries view pests. Let’s be real — the last thing we think of when we see a grasshopper or a colony of ants is that they’d make a tasty snack. That is, however, the view that many countries have with certain insects.

In today’s blog, we’re going to touch on a few of the countries that often enjoy eating bugs. Whether it’s a snack or a delicacy, we love that some individuals crave these crunchy critters. Though it’s not something that we anticipate you pick up when a pest infestation does occur, we love to see this fresh perspective. Let’s dig in! To the information of course, not the snacks.


There are various bugs that are frequently eaten in Thailand. Some of the most common insects that you’ll see enjoyed are grasshoppers, crickets, and woodworms. Don’t worry — they don’t eat these insects raw. The cooking method most frequently used is easy and prepares these little guys in no time.

With a little bit of seasoning, some oil and a wok, these bugs are served crispy at local food markets. Believe it or not, these crunchy bugs are savory and plenty filling if you enjoy a handful of them.

The Netherlands

While many countries have been eating bugs for years, the Netherlands have only just started to adopt this concept. One of the major meat directors has strongly suggested that people begin to get comfortable turning to bugs like crickets as a source of protein. Since they’re such a new snack for people to enjoy, they’re found in various markets for people to try as they pass by. Who knows, maybe this will be the next country that has a few different recipes to try out.


Another country that serves up bugs in a few different ways is Mexico. While the locals are never opposed to snacking on a bug that’s been fried and buttered, the method that they’re most known for is in a liquored drink called Mezcal. This Mexican liquor comes with a worm that is intended for swallowing. It’s become somewhat of a tradition to take part in when visiting.

If you’re not sure that you could handle munching on a bug for a small snack right off the bat, this might be a great place to start. The combination of alcohol and a tiny worm to swallow isn’t as bad as some of the snacks that we’re going to cover in just a little bit.


If you were disgusted by the worm in the Mexican liquor, you best skip over this portion. China goes all out with the bugs that they consider snacks. The first one that we’re going to mention one that most of us wouldn’t even think about eating: larvae. The larvae of insects like bees are considered a delicacy in China and can be difficult to come by, but if you do, you always choose to indulge!

Those aren’t the only types of bugs that are enjoyed in China. Water bugs are frequently roasted and skewered, making them a great snack to enjoy on the go.


Consuming pests in Brazil was something that only the poor would do, but it is not a popular snack that people enjoy regularly. The pests that are popularly consumed in Brazil are certainly on the smaller side, which might make enjoying them slightly easier.

Queen ants are the bug of choice in this country. Not only are they drastically smaller than some of the other bugs that we’ve talked about so far, but they are said to taste like mint. In our opinion, it’s worth trying at least once.


Eating pests by choice is one thing, but choosing to snack on them because they provide you with endless nutrition is another. In Australia, the honey-pot ant is a hit because of the nutrients that these ants can provide. The way that these bugs were constructed makes it so that they store all the nutrients of the food that they eat. It’s this that makes them an excellent snack for people in Australia that don’t mind eating a bug every now and then.


While some countries have bugs as simple snacks, Japan is putting bugs on their menus across the country. So, when you’re out for a night on the time, and you are looking for a delicacy you need to try the bugs. Some of the bugs you can count on finding on the menu will include fried grasshoppers, fried silk moths, and tasty larvae. While they’re not exactly something that we’re used to finding on the menu of restaurants in the U.S., they sure are something special to enjoy in Japan.

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