A List of Summer Pests from the Sacramento Pest Control Experts

Summertime means spending time outdoors, barbeques, and swimming pools. But with summertime also comes pests like wasps, termites, and cockroaches. There’s not much that will ruin a relaxing summer day quicker than creepy-crawly pests. 

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss some of the most common summertime pests in Sacramento, what attracts them to your home, and what you can do if you notice any of these pests. Continue reading to learn more and if you have any pests in your Sacramento home or business, contact the Sacramento pest control experts at Earthwise Pest Management today. 

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Wasps are a pest that will quickly ruin a summer barbeque or gettogether in the backyard. Wasps are more active in the summertime and usually die off when the cooler weather begins to roll in. So summer is when you’ll be more likely to notice a wasp nest hanging on your home, porch, garage, or even in your attic. 

Wasp removal is not something that you’ll want to tackle yourself. It can be dangerous and many DIY solutions tend to do more harm than good. The Sacramento pest control experts at Earthwise Pest Management can help if you have a wasp nest on or near your home. 


Most species of termites found in Sacramento swarm in early spring, but some may continue into the summer. You’ll want to keep an eye out for mud tunnels, hollow wood, and wood shavings in and around your home. Termites can be difficult to identify and they will do extensive damage to your home. Termite infestations can go unnoticed for years or even decades. A termite inspection from a professional pest control company is one of the most effective ways to identify a termite infestation and rid your home of this pest for good. 


Ants come in many different species, but the one thing that they all have in common is that you don’t want them in your home. Carpenter ants burrow their way through the wood in your walls to get around your house while other species of ants are attracted to sweet foods and liquids. Ants are notoriously difficult to get rid of once they enter your home, but the Sacramento pest control experts from Earthwise can help. 


While spiders may be more common in the spring, you’ll notice them around during the summer as well. Many species of spiders are not dangerous and are more of a nuisance than anything, but we do commonly see brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders in Sacramento.  

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are another pest that you may find year-round in Sacramento, but they tend to be more active in the summertime. A bed bug infestation is difficult to identify without experience and they are almost impossible to get rid of without the help of a professional pest control company. 

Bed bugs can be brought into your home through used furniture or even a visiting friend or family member. If another person unknowingly has bed bugs in their home, the pests can hitch a ride on their clothing and end up infesting your home as well. 


In Sacramento, we are all too familiar with cockroaches. They will make even the toughest of us squirm. Cockroaches are known for being nearly indestructible and incredibly hard to get rid of. While they aren’t quite indestructible, they are difficult to kill and it’s even harder to remove the entire nest from your home with DIY solutions. All it takes is a few crumbs, a dripping sink, or an overflowing trash can, and cockroaches can decide that your home is now their home. If you want to ensure that the entire nest is eradicated and will not return, the Sacramento pest control experts from Earthwise Pest Management can help. 

Contact the Sacramento Pest Control Experts for Summer Pests

If you have noticed any of these pests in your Sacramento home or business, the team at Earthwise Pest Management can help. We utilize an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to safely and effectively remove pests from your home and prevent future infestations in an environmentally responsible way. We minimize our use of pesticides to ensure your safety and the future of our planet. Contact us today for all of your Sacramento pest control needs.