A Comprehensive Guide to Mosquitoes

One of the most common pests we see in the summer is mosquitoes. Though they are small, they sure do have a bite — literally. In the warmer months of the year, it’s extremely common to see swarms of mosquitoes around those warm areas that also have quite a bit of moisture. If that sounds familiar, it’s because living in Sacramento you’re very accustomed to with this climate. Let’s learn some more about mosquitoes and how you can manage them around your home.

About Mosquitoes

These pests are one of the smaller insects that we get pest management calls for, but they always make sure to make their presence known when they are there. From the itchy bites that they leave to the irritating swatting that comes with them swarming you while spending time outdoors.

Aside from having a bite that itches, these insects are also known for carrying some serious diseases. For that reason, these small insects have become a much bigger problem to deal with than they used to be. If you have mosquitoes around your home, then it’s crucial for you to understand how these pests work and how you can avoid them at your house.

The Body of a Mosquito

There are so many different types of mosquitoes, in fact, 170 different types of mosquitoes in North America alone. These pests are in the same classification and family as your standard fly. The body of a mosquito is most commonly an oval shape, with two clear, veined wings coming out of the back. Most mosquitoes will have six legs and antennas.

The one way that they many mosquitoes will differ will be in color and size. This could change based on their lifespan, the type of mosquito that they are, and the area that you’re finding them in. There are also certain mosquitoes that are able to carry specific diseases that others are not able to.

All of this being said, how do you recognize which mosquitoes are the dangerous ones and which ones are just a nuisance? Truth be told, it’s pretty hard, so the best thing that you can do is treat all of them equally and protect your family from mosquitoes as a whole.

Mosquito Diet

Those itchy bites that we commonly associate with mosquitoes are a part of their eating cycle. Though we think that they are bites, they’re actually far from. When a mosquito is feeding, they require the protein and blood to reproduce. In order to get that blood, they have to pierce the skin with their proboscis. This is the only way that they’re able to suck the blood and eat it. Another misconception of mosquitoes is that all of them feed off of blood, but that’s actually not the case. Only female mosquitoes require blood meals to reproduce and survive. They mix their blood meals in with nectar that they also feed off of. Male mosquitoes, on the other hand, will only ever feed on nectar. So any time that you do see a “bite” from a mosquito, you know that it was a female!

Ideal Habitat for Mosquitoes

As we mentioned above, mosquitoes really need nectar and blood meals to survive, so it’s pretty easy for them to find a habitat that they can thrive in. Aside from having to find a food source, these mosquitoes are known for striving in areas that have soft soil or stagnant water. For that reason, it’s incredibly important that you care for these types of settings around your house so that they don’t become a bigger issue.

Preventing Mosquitoes

After everything that we’ve touched on, understanding how to prevent mosquitoes from swarming your house is a must. Living in the greater Sacramento area means that you need to be prepared to squash any areas around your home that could be attracting insects.

As we mentioned before, moist soil and stagnant bodies of water are things that you need to be concerned about and stay on top of. If you do have any areas like this, it’s important that you switch out any stagnant waters and that you continue to move around any moist soil. In doing this, you keep them from being the ideal space for mosquitoes to make a house of. You should also stay on top of any trash that builds up around your house because that too can become a big attraction for mosquitoes.

When it comes to spending time outside, there are still a few things that you can do to keep yourself from being bit. Aside from having screens that keep the bugs out, you can also use bug spray that keeps the mosquitoes at bay. Depending on how long you’re planning on being outside, you will want to choose different levels of protection and may even want to consider wearing attire that covers your entire body. If you’re going to be outside at night, then clothing items that cover your entire body is a must.

Call in the Professionals

When mosquitoes become an overwhelming problem, it’s time to call in the professionals. The team at Earthwise Pest Management has years of experience and knowledge that allows for us to provide our customers with long-term results. If you have any questions or are interested in scheduling your pest control services, contact our team today and we would be happy to assist you and provide you with some more information.

Make sure to keep an eye out for our next blog post that will cover some of the most common diseases that mosquitoes are known to carry and how to recognize them.