5 Reasons You Should Choose Earthwise Pest Management

Finding the right pest control company to tackle your needs can be challenging, especially with how many different companies are advertising their services these days. When you’re left having to pick just one, how do you know you’ve selected the right one?

Earthwise Pest Management has been fortunate enough to provide the Sacramento and surrounding areas with high-quality pest control services. If you’re currently looking for a pest control company to help you out, here are five reasons that you should choose Earthwise Pest Management.

Years of Experience

Our pest control team has years of industry experience! The Earthwise Pest Management owner, Joe Hawkins, grew up in the industry. After some time he decided it was time to start his own pest control company that handled pest problems differently than other companies. The years of experience that we’ve acquired haven’t always come easy, but they’ve made it so that we’re able to provide our customers with the absolute best service available.

Long-Term Solutions

Getting the pests out of your home is one thing, but making sure that they don’t come back is another. We don’t provide you with surface level results. Long-term results are exactly what we want to provide our customers with, and our integrated pest management approach makes that possible.

Quality Pro Certified

Earthwise Pest Management is Quality-Pro Certified. We have been recognized as a business that meets the high standards of this organization and focuses on providing the absolute best pest control services possible. Our team strives to offer high-quality experience our customers deserve and, as we just mentioned, providing the solutions to the pest control problems that we come across.

Incredible Customer Service

Our customers mean the world to us. Over the years we’ve been so incredibly fortunate to work with some of the most amazing people, and we don’t take that lightly. As a team, we work hard to ensure that each customer experience is an enjoyable one. We also work hard to communicate along the way so that they’re always on the same page as us. More importantly, we share the information that we’re finding so that you’re able to take preventative action in the future.

Safe Solutions

Integrated Pest Management is one of the safest ways to tackle pest control problems. IPM is our method of choice, and we do it to provide you with the safest solution possible while still being incredibly efficient. By looking at the root of the pest control problems that we come across, we’re not only able to safely remove the pests from your home, but we also get to provide you with underlying reasons that pests were attracted to the space in the first place. That means that you are now able to make preventative changes in the future.

Call Our Team Today

Earthwise Pest Management loves being a huge part of the Sacramento pest control industry. If you’re in need of assistance, contact our team! We will start by setting up a time to do a full inspection and consultation of your current pest control problem. From there, we’ll come up with a plan of action and a way to solve your issue. Reach out to us today, we can’t wait to help you out.