4 Tips for a Bug-Free Backyard

How to Steer Clear From Ticks, Mosquitos, & Other Insects

The backyard is the space where most families create their treasured summer memories. The last thing anyone would want is a bug-infested outdoor space. Needless to say, a backyard like that is not only annoying to hang out in but also seriously unhealthy and dangerous. Here are some residential pest control tips to keep your backyard bug-free.

Install Anti-Bug Tech

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve already tried your luck with common insecticides and need something stronger. The modern way to battle backyard bugs is to use high-end tech products like outdoor bug-zappers. These things lure bugs to themselves and electrocute them. A bug zapper, for instance, is an effective, long-term residential pest control solution.

Closeup image of a bug zapper
A nice backyard at night lit with LED lighting

Discard Incandescent Bulbs & Use LEDs

Most homeowners decorate their deck or patio with strings of twinkling lights. However, these lights can cause serious bug problems if you’re not careful. Incandescent bulbs are hotter and brighter than LED lights, so if you want your lights to not attract an army of bugs, LED lights with warmer hues are your best bet.

Preventative Maintenance

Experts prescribe preventative maintenance as the best way to repel bugs in a backyard. It’s common knowledge that mosquitos thrive in standing water. Unclean garbage cans serve as breeding grounds for all kinds of bugs. So, if you’re looking to get rid of bugs in your backyard, groom it. Maintain the grass, prevent standing water, care for your plants, and keep the place clean.

Lovely backyard at night with a fire pit
Backyard swimming pool with enclosure to keep out bugs

Try a Patio Enclosure

If the aforementioned residential pest control methods don’t do the trick for you, you could try a patio enclosure. Many enclosures come with mesh screens that physically block bugs from getting into your safe space — and the best part about patio enclosures is that they still allow sunlight and cool breeze to get in. In other words, they’re the perfect solution for a cozy backyard that also keeps the pests away.

Need to make sure bugs don’t ruin your outdoor space? It’s time to leave it to the pros. Residential pest control is no easy task, but we can help. Based in Sacramento, California, Earthwise Pest Management provides the best pest control services in the area. No matter what you’re dealing with, we’ll work hard to make bugs in your backyard a thing of the past.