4 Reasons You Need Hotel Pest Control in Sacramento

Hotels can make the perfect home for travelers and pests alike. In fact, one of the reasons that pests are so hard to prevent in hotels is because of all of the guests. Even an overall clean guest can still leave some crumbs on the floor or miss a dripping faucet in the bathroom, providing a food and water source for pests. 

In this blog post, we are going to explain some of the reasons why professional hotel pest control is so important. Continue reading to learn more and if you manage a hotel, contact the Sacramento pest control experts at Earthwise Pest Management to help rid your hotel of a current infestation or to prevent one from occurring in the future. 

Guests Can Attract Pests

Keeping hotels pest-free can be tricky. Each room in your hotel houses a different guest and you have no way of knowing what their habits are like. A guest could leave leftover pizza on the counter overnight or put soda cans in the trash that contain traces of the sweet beverage. While house cleaning may go room-to-room every morning to clean, all a guest has to do is put up their “do not disturb” sign, and a mess can remain in their room for days or even weeks. 

No matter how clean you keep the kitchen, bar, foyer, and other common areas, you have no way of knowing what the inside of a guest’s room looks like and if they might be setting the perfect stage to attract rodents, cockroaches, ants, or any other pest. 

Guests Can Bring Pests 

With the amount of people that come and go at a hotel on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, guests are sure to bring some pests with them. For example, if a guest has bed bugs at home or even if they have stayed at a different hotel that had bed bugs, they can bring those pests with them on their clothes or in their suitcase. Once a guest brings bed bugs into your establishment, those little guys can make their way through your entire hotel. 

Health Inspections

If you have a hotel that has a kitchen or a bar, you will be subjected to regular health inspections by the state health department. You will be awarded a grade based upon the cleanliness of your establishment, the freshness of your food, and your employee’s food-handling practices. These grades are then posted for the public to see. If you have a pest problem, your hotel could possibly be shut down by the health department because pests are known to spread diseases including salmonella, shigella, and even plague.

The Health of Your Employees and Guests

Failing a health inspection is not the only reason that you want to ensure that your hotel is pest-free. You also want to make sure that your guests’ and employees’ health is not in jeopardy. Rats, cockroaches, ants, and other pests are known for spreading a long list of diseases. During their search for food, the pests climb through the garbage and other dirty areas and pick up bacteria. When they finally make it into your pantry or dry stock area, they crawl across your food and leave behind the bacteria from the trash. 

Hire the Sacramento Pest Control Experts

Whether your hotel is currently suffering from a pest infestation or you would like to prevent future problems, Earthwise Pest Management can help. We have extensive experience and training in the commercial pest control industry. We use our Integrated Pest Management process (IPM) to rid your hotel of pests in an environmentally-responsible way. We follow this three-step process to investigate, identify, and treat your pest problem. We always recommend a follow up so we can keep your establishment completely pest free. If you are interested in hotel pest control in Sacramento, contact Earthwise Pest Management today.