Your Pest Control Service in Sacramento and Superbugs

Believe it or not, there is a bug cavalry of sorts. These are bugs that help limit bad bug infestations in crops and in your garden and help keep our ecosystem in balance.

Most people don’t think much about the insects they find in their homes and gardens. Most people think any insect is probably a bad insect. There are certainly several types of bugs you find in your garden that are destroying your plants. But there are also good bugs in your garden that are helping your cause.

It is important to learn about good bugs as you don’t want to eliminate them from your garden. Earthwise Pest Management, your pest control service in Sacramento, offers insect superheroes.


You definitely want to see bees in your garden. Bees help pollinate all sorts of garden goodies including raspberries, tomatoes, squash and peppers.

One of the best ways to attract bees is to simply plant a garden and they will come.


You will be surprised to know that spiders eat bed bugs. Not that you have to worry about that right now, but it is good to know. As for being in your garden, spiders will trap and kill grasshoppers, aphids, fruit flies and caterpillars. You can thank spiders for your healthy and prosperous garden.

Praying Mantis

If you see a praying mantis in your garden, the sight and size of it might startle you. You might have the urge to squash it, but you should just leave it alone as it will help keep your garden free from crickets, beetles, caterpillars and moths.

Soldier Beetles

Soldier beetles are one of the helpful varieties of beetles that you want to have in your garden. Zinnias, goldenrods and marigolds will attract them, so make sure you plant a few of these in the spring. Soldier beetles will eat aphids and grasshopper eggs. Yummy.


Believe it or not, there are good varieties of flies that you want hanging around your garden. The hoverfly feeds and caterpillars and aphids, so they help keep your garden in good order. It is fairly difficult to attract these flies, but a few dill plants should draw them in.
Damsel Bugs

Damsel bugs are a delight to have in your garden. They are great at getting rid of multiple bugs in your garden including mites, caterpillars, aphids and cabbage worms. All you need to do is plant some spearmint, fennel and caraway to attract them.

Green Lacewings

Green lacewings are good looking bugs. Take a close look at their wings, they have a beautiful lace design on them. Lacewings will eat mealybugs, leafhoppers, whiteflies and aphids. Your garden will thank you for hosting such a terrific insect.

Mealybug Destroyer

As the name suggests, the mealybug destroyer goes after those pesky mealybugs. In fact, it destroys them. Sorry, we couldn’t resist. If you plant fennel, sunflowers and dill, don’t be surprised to find mealybug destroyers hanging out in your garden.

Minute Pirate Bug

The minute pirate bug, arrggg, will eat just about any type of bug, but is especially fond of thrips, spider mites and aphids, all of which will harm your garden. An adult minute pirate bug can consume as many as twenty thrips a day. A leaf pile in your garden will attract them.

Spined Soldier Bugs

Spined soldier bugs are stink bugs that benefit your garden. These bugs love eating beetle larvae and caterpillars. You can attract them with flowers.


Ladybugs are very well-known bugs that benefit your garden. Ladybugs will eat 50 to 60 aphids a day and over 5,000 in their lifetime.

If you have good bugs in your garden, invite us over for dinner when you harvest your vegetables in the fall. If you have bad bugs in your house, give Earthwise Pest Management a call.