12 Tips for Keeping Pests Out When You Remodel

Home Remodeling is Exciting!

Remodeling your home is an exciting process! We want to make sure you’ve got everything you need to remodel your home successfully. One of the biggest problems you can run into during a home remodel is managing pest control. This means working with potentially existing infestations and doing everything possible to avoid new ones. At your Folsom home pest control company — Earthwise Pest Management — we’ve got you covered during your home remodel; if you need us, just give us a call.

In the meantime, we want your remodel to progress as smoothly as possible, so we’ve gathered up some tips for you to consider during this process. Again, if anything goes awry, please call us at your earliest convenience: Earthwise Pest Management in Folsom is here for you!

Tips for Pest Management During a Home Remodel

  1. Get together with your Folsom home pest control company and formulate a plan before starting the project. This will give you an opportunity to assess for the kinds of pests you need to be concerned about, and what you can expect during the process.
    Pre-treat any materials to stave off an infestation, or use alternative materials where possible. For example, instead of using wood, which attracts termites due to its cellulose base, consider using metal instead.
  2. Visually inspect all materials before bringing them on-site and before using them. Most of them have been sitting outside in piles of like materials without any safety or security from pest invasion. Discard anything with any sign of pest infiltration (webs, chewing, egg cases, etc.)
  3. Plan designated garbage collection areas and use them and only them during your remodel. Have a plan of action to ensure garbage is collected and disposed of every day or as frequently as possible. Dispose of organic garbage nightly.
  4. Work with pest management professionals to set baits and traps around the area as necessary to discourage pests from entering the area of the remodel itself. Your Folsom home pest control company will know what is safe and legal to use in your area.
  5. Ensure that areas are properly graded, elevated, and installed so that any water or debris flows away from your home — not towards it. This should be a basic accommodation of the remodel’s plans, but keep a close eye on it to be sure your front door isn’t suddenly turned into a welcome area for all of the local pests during a flash flood or a heavy downpour.
  6. Ensure that doors and windows fit tightly within their frames and have screens so that they may be opened without increasing the likelihood of pests coming into your home.
  7. Install sodium-vapor lights in outdoor areas. These lights give off a yellowish tinge and are great for growing plants. Bugs, especially flying bugs, don’t like them and will stay away from your property.
  8. Locate old pipes that will no longer be in use and have them sealed off. This limits access to areas where pests like to make a home. The fewer resources these areas access, the less appealing they will be to pests.
  9. Foster some awareness around how long your outside doors are open when contractors are moving in and out your home with heavy objects or materials.
  10. Ensure doors are closed as quickly as possible when they are not in use and are kept closed tightly when not in active use.
  11. Are you digging around your home during this remodel? Disturbing the land around the home’s foundation can lead to populations of insects and rodents heading into your home in search of a solid place to make their new home. Your Folsom home pest control team can work with you to make sure this doesn’t happen during your remodel.
  12. Block off exhaust vents and chimneys with hardware cloth, then back that up with insect screening to lower the likelihood of rodent or insect pests entering your home. Rodents won’t be able to chew through hardware cloth. If you have any abnormally shaped or small holes that access your home from the outside, plug them with steel wool. Rats and mice can’t chew through it; steel wool is an incredibly effective deterrent to rodent infestation.

Home Pest Control in Folsom

All in all, we know that remodeling is an exciting time and that you are eager to see what your adventure brings you in designing your perfect home. We want to make sure all of the proper precautions have been taken throughout the process to ensure your home is really as well-protected as it can be against pest infestation. Contact us with any questions, any time!