What Are The Most Common Household Pests? Our Breakdown

We here at Earthwise Pest Management control, exclude, prevent, and manage a wide range of pests and rodents here in the Sacramento area. As the local residential and commercial pest control company of choice for many residents of Carmichael and Sacramento, we have a passion for defending your home and businesses from pests and rodents. Whether you have a rat, mouse, squirrel, tick, wasp, flea, spider, termite, ant, centipede, moth, or opossum issue, we’ve got you covered with experience and a dedication to using the safest and most effective control methods available.

In recent posts, we have highlighted some random and fun facts about both rodents and pests. In particular, we found it interesting how intelligent rats and ants actually are. Rats have complicated social dynamics, and are known to take care of their own sick and injured. Ants have more agency and personal choice than we might be inclined to think, but are still capable of accomplishing remarkable feats of teamwork, including being able to build life rafts in cases of emergency.

Today’s post is going to be more practical than those posts, yet we will remain highlighting features and characteristics of common household pests. Keep reading if you have an academic interest in this field, but also if you are wondering where and how spiders, roaches, termites, and the like, live and thrive.


Many have never learned that the majority of a flea’s life cycle occurs off of a host, although the most common way for fleas to enter the home is through the cat flea or dog flea. Somewhat horrifyingly, for every five fleas found on your dog or cat, there are likely 90 or so more in the carpet where you live! While many folks don’t believe it because they don’t see the tiny, black flea they are familiar with, some fleas are dormant in their cocoon and may be unrecognizable to the untrained eye.

While it’s not too much of a challenge to find flea medication for dogs and cats, exterminating them from your home might present a trickier proposition. You’ll need multiple treatments from a flea control specialist (like us here at Earthwise Pest Management), but there are practical, preventative measures you can take as well For both your home and yard, you will want to sweep tile or wood floors, thoroughly vacuum your carpets and upholstery in the home, and make sure you spray under dark crevices in your home. Fleas love dark places. You can also fog your home or spray your yard, but we recommend consulting a professional before going solo.

Other tips to exclude and manage fleas include washing your pet’s bedding, washing your pet’s toys, and throwing away the bag each and every time you vacuum. Make sure you wash everything in hot water to kill all flea eggs and fleas!


Did you know that there exist well over 3,500 species of spiders in the United States alone? Although the majority of them are harmless and are categorized as “nuisance-pests”, others should give you cause for concern if you happen to see them creeping around your home or place of business. Some spider bites might merely irritate and cause you some temperamental pain, others can kill you.

There are two primary groups of spiders – crawling (or hunting) spiders and webbing spiders. Crawling spiders usually make their home in garden areas, under leaf litter or bark. They are often solitary and like to remain outdoors. If, however, you would prefer a professional to perform spider control in your yard or garden, we can certainly help.

Webbing spiders utilize their silk to move around. While some of these webbing spiders might have some pragmatic use in that they feed on other insects, nobody likes their webs hanging around lamp shades, railings, around windows, and otherwise. If you have a household spider infestation, give us a call, we’ll analyze the situation and come up with a tailored plan to eliminate the problem at its source and prevent the situation from occurring again.


Ants belong to the same family of insects that wasps and bees do. As we mentioned above and in our previous post, ants have some of the most advanced social structures in the entire Phylum Arthropoda of insects. Their colonies can range from a few hundred ants to hundreds of thousands. Most ants are omnivores, as they have many mouths to feed. Hence, they won’t be opposed to wandering into your home if they detect something worth harvesting or collecting. Here in Sacramento, one of our most common types of ant is the carpenter ant. These ants are unique in that they tunnel down into wood to lay their eggs. This can cause serious damage to homes and properties. If you suspect you have a carpenter ant problem, call us for expert local ant control.

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Cockroaches have many talents that have led them to be considered nigh-on indestructible as a species, but perhaps chief among these traits is the fact that a single cockroach can produce an unbelievable 350,000 offspring. Cockroaches in the home present a serious problem because they can spread disease and flourish with not much encouragement. What’s more, their fecal matter contains chemical trails that other roaches can detect from afar, which will lead them to where the getting is good, so to speak. The lump sum is that one or two cockroaches can quickly become a swarm, which isn’t good for anyone. They hate light, so are typically most active during the nighttime. They can carry disease-producing organisms, among said diseases being diarrhea, dysentery, salmonella, and more. Give us a call if you are in need of Sacramento cockroach control. We are the green roach exterminators of choice for the region because we are safe, effective, and affordable!


These annoying blood-suckers cause itchy bites, as well all know, but they also carry a host of diseases with them. Zika, Malaria, West Nile Virus are all widespread examples of the kind of havoc they can wreak if left unchecked. If you live near a swamp or standing water and are in need of residential or commercial mosquito control, we know what we are doing.


You might be surprised to learn that termite damage causes a staggering $5 billion in damage in the U.S. alone. Termites can be difficult to control once they have your structure in their sights, as their colonies can multiple in a surprisingly swift fashion. If you don’t get a termite control specialist involved quickly, the structural damage they cause can go from mild to moderate to severe in a hurry. Utilize our termite treatment services here at Earthwise Pest Management!

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