The Reality Of The Cost Of Termite Damage

If you have read our blog before, you are probably fairly familiar with how adamant we are about people keeping an eye out for termites in their home. While you may just think we are being paranoid, the truth is that termite infestations can happen in any building and if you are not keeping an eye out for the signs of one, you could find yourself in a world of trouble. Trust us, we are not trying to stress you out or scare you. But in order for you to understand what sort of damage your home could possibly fall victim to because of termites, we have compiled some facts below.

  • Termites cost United States’ property owners over $5 billion dollars every single year.
  • There are around 600,000 residences that are affected by termites each year
  • The average cost of repairing termite damage is around $3,300
  • The termites that account for about 90 percent of all termite damage are Formosan and subterranean termites.
  • If you have a deck, porch, or stairway that is made from wood, termites can easily infest your home without leaving any clues that they have done so.
  • A small termite colony, which is about 60,000 termites, can completely eat a 2” x 4” in as little as five months
  • It is thought that termites can eat anywhere from two to three times their body weight in an average day
  • In certain parts of the United States, there are termite colonies that have numbers in the millions, allowing them to forage for wood up to 100 meters from where their colony is located.
  • There are certain types of termites that can chew through plaster, lead, and mortar.
  • A termite queen typically lives 15 to 25 years, laying an egg every 15 seconds of this lifespan.

So Is Your Home At Risk Of A Termite Infestation?

If you live in a part of the United States in which either subterranean termites or Formosan termites live, you truly cannot afford to be without termite protection. While we have given you tricks of the trade regarding identifying when termites are in your home, there is no surefire way to know when they have infested your space, or for how long they have been there. That means you could have termites in your home for nine months before you ever even notice mud tubes or discarded wings around your home.

Do Yourself A Favor & Hire The Professionals

There are so many reasons to hire an exterminator to help you to protect your home from termites. The first step is going to be to start having annual termite inspections. Without having professionals in your home often, checking to make sure there are no signs of termites, you could have a big problem on your hands and not even be aware. Earthwise Pest Management has been serving the Sacramento area long enough to know the secrets to identifying termites in our area. We also know which types of termites we should be looking for so that we can identify them much more quickly than you would be able to. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your home from the destructive pests.

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