This is the one and only pest company I will ever use again. They are in one word, amazing. They have reasonable prices and the company is customer centric. We’ve had them taking care of our home for two years now, and we will continue to have them as long as we live in their working area. When we first bought our house two years ago, we had a MAJOR wasp problem as the wasps had made nests in the gutters on the back side. We couldn’t take our son out to play for fear of being stung a dozen times or more. We found Earthwise and they sent someone out THAT DAY to take care of the problem. And since then we have pretty much been pest free. On top of their speedy service they don’t charge for extra visits! We began having an ant problem about a month after one of their visits(they come quarterly to our home) and we called to see how much an extra visit would be to take care of the ants, they told us it would be free of charge because the way they see it is if we are having a bug problem between their visits, they didn’t do their job right.  Plus their operators Brianna and Kaitlin are both very polite and actually show concern when you call in with a problem for the company to deal with. All in all the best pest management company you will ever use, I can’t recommend them enough.

James C., Sacramento, CA