wasp control

Why You Should Never Attempt DIY Wasp Removal

By 1seodev / July 28, 2021

If you’ve ever had a wasp nest on your property, you know how dangerous they can be. Wasps can, and will, sting anyone that they consider a threat to their safety. And, we understand how tempting it can be to handle the wasp removal on your own — it’s cheaper and you don’t have to…

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Keep Wasps Out Of Your Yard This Summer

By 1seodev / May 10, 2019

We are well into spring and before we know it, summer will be here. Warmer weather typically means spending days outside and having lots of fun in the sun. Unfortunately, it also correlates with the arrival of some unwanted guests: wasps. Two of the most commonly known wasps are yellowjackets and hornets whose names alone…

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