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Three Backyard Pests to Worry About this Spring

By 1seodev / May 23, 2019

School is out, which means that kids are going to start spending more and more time outdoors. Whether they’re climbing trees or playing make-believe games with their closest friends, there’s one thing that you always need to be a little bit concerned with. No, we’re not talking about scraped knees and road rash, though they…

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Types of Spring Cleaning That Can Help Reduce Pests

By 1seodev / May 16, 2019

The team at Earthwise Pest Management loves being able to provide quality pest control services to homeowners and business owners alike. We strive to remove pests in a safe manner that still yields long-term results for our clients. One of the many things that we stand behind in our line of work is routine maintenance.…

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Insects That You Don’t Want to Find in Your Garden

By 1seodev / May 5, 2019

Gardening is one of the many hobbies that people start to indulge in when spring and summer come around. While the fresh lettuce and abundance of squash can be a dream to walk out to, the one thing you always have to anticipate is an increase in pests. While some may be annoying to deal…

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Our Sacramento Pest Control Company Busts 9 Termite Myths

By 1seodev / April 21, 2019

In general, most people have a basic understanding of termites. They are those little creatures that eat the wood framing of your home and probably the last pest you want to find on your property. But there are also a lot of misunderstandings about termites. At Earthwise Pest Management, we believe that the more you…

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Knowledge Your Pest Control Professional Should Have

By 1seodev / March 6, 2019

Searching for the right pest control company to tackle your pest problem shouldn’t be difficult, right? Unfortunately, there are lots of companies out there that feel confident promising quality results without having the extensive knowledge and background that it takes to remove of pests properly. If you’re lost in all of the options that the…

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Insects That Are Endangered

By 1seodev / March 3, 2019

In recent months, there has been a lot of news surrounding the bees and how they have officially been listed as endangered. For many of us, it’s a tough thing to wrap our minds around given that these insects are such crucial parts to our food source and plant life. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first…

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Popular Spring Insects

Popular Spring Insects

By 1seodev / February 27, 2019

Spring is just a few short weeks away, and with it comes the return of pests. Here in Sacramento, there are certain insects that are known for coming back around in the springtime. Now that we are going to be seeing more of them, it’s good to know which pests you need to keep an…

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Insects Believed to Be Good Luck

By 1seodev / February 23, 2019

We’ve been taking a different perspective on bugs, and today’s blog is going to continue down that same path. We’ve talked a little bit about countries that view bugs as a tasty treat and a few bugs that make for great pets. Today we are going to talk about bugs that people believe are a…

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Bugs That People Keep as Pets

By 1seodev / February 20, 2019

The team at Earthwise Pest Management has been focusing on a unique perspective when it comes to bugs. While we often talk about the different ways that you can reduce pests in your house, we also want to shed some positive light on insects so that you can have a well-rounded understanding of the bugs…

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Spring Cleaning Tips To Prevent Pests

Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Prevent Pests

By 1seodev / February 13, 2019

With the cold weather of winter starting to die down, it’s time to think about spring and all of the possibilities that come with it. While the flowers begin to bloom and the grass turns green again, it’s also the time of year where pests start to show back up. The good news is, the…

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