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A Comprehensive Guide To House Ants

By 1seodev / June 30, 2018

While some of the other pests we have covered in recent articles, such as the cockroach or rat, may seem more repulsive than a common ant, ants can be a cause for concern when they take up residence in your home. Here in California, we have a variety of ant types living in our gardens,…

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When To Call A Sacramento Exterminator

By 1seodev / June 16, 2018

There isn’t a single person we have ever met who likes to deal with having bugs or rodents in their home during any time of the year. While some people might suggest that you try and take care of your pest problems on your own, we personally don’t think that is the best option. This…

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How Does Weather Affect Your Insect Issues?

By 1seodev / April 29, 2018

When the weather changes because of the seasons, it is often very difficult to control insect infestations. This is especially true when the weather begins to get warmer. Increasing temperatures, warner winter, increasing precipitation, and droughts, all work to make it easier for certain insects to invade and infest. If you want to know more…

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Fact or Fiction? Can You Use Cinnamon To Get Ants Out Of Your Home?

By 1seodev / April 23, 2018

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet when it comes to nearly everything. One of the questions we get from our customers often is about a DIY ant control solution that is all over the internet right now. According to multiple websites, cinnamon can help to solve an ant problem you have in…

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Seven Common Ant Species You Might See This Spring

By 1seodev / April 20, 2018

Once spring arrives it is no surprise that ants will also be making their debut. While ants are extremely common during this time of the year, no one wants to see these pests on the sidewalk outside of their home, or even worse, inside their home. Plus, any homeowner knows that where there is one…

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Keeping Your Sacramento Patio Pest-Free

By 1seodev / April 10, 2018

When you are spending time outside, it is often very difficult to control the insects that are around you. This expansive environment leaves you open to being bothered by a number of pests, make spending time on your patio much less enjoyable that you would have imagined. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.…

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6 Pests That Could Be Lurking In Your Gutters

By 1seodev / February 1, 2018

While every homeowner is quite aware of the importance of cleaning out their gutters year-round, you might not always know what to expect when you are exploring this vital part of your home. In fact, one of the ways that people discover that they have a pest infestation occurs when they clean out their gutters.…

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2018 Pest Free Guide

By 1seodev / January 3, 2018

If you ask a homeowner in the Sacramento area to tell you what is great about bugs and rodents, chances are they won’t have an answer for you. Even as professionals who work with these pests every day, we don’t know that we can name a single good thing about them. Not only do they…

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