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Silverfish love taking over your home. We can help get rid of them.

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How To Identify Silverfish

Silverfish are very unique in their appearance. They have a carrot-shaped body that is wider at the head and tapers toward the tail. Their color ranges from light to dark gray with a shiny, pearlescent finish that makes them appear silver, hence the name. They move in a fish-like motion which is why they are also referred to as carpet sharks. 

Silverfish are wingless and have two long antennae protruding from their head. They have three pairs of stubby legs and three long bristles on their tail-end. If you see silverfish in your home, you might need to call your Sacramento pest control team

Silverfish Love Food And Warmth

Much like ourselves, silverfish love warm, cozy spaces and can often be found by furnaces, or fireplaces. However, they also love to snack on starchy food and will eat everything from pantry foods to glue to fabric to wallpaper. While silverfish do get into pantries, they also are commonly found in bookcases because they like to eat the glue that binds the book together. They can also chew through cardboard boxes and ruin your storage items. 

Are Silverfish Dangerous?

In general, silverfish are not dangerous. They do not bite or sting and are not known to contain venom that could affect humans. However, like many bugs, they shed their skin which turns into dust and diminishes the air quality of the building they are in. Those with allergies or asthma might be triggered by the presence of a silverfish infestation. 

As we mentioned above, silverfish have a habit of eating your personal belongings which can include photographs, books, and clothing. 

Signs Of A Silverfish Infestation

The most obvious sign of a silverfish infestation is spotting the creepy crawlies yourself. Silverfish are common home infesters because they are nocturnal and can go unnoticed for some time. They also prefer to hide in secluded places such as behind furniture and appliances, in vents, in the floorboards, and inside the spines of books. 

If you suspect a silverfish problem, give us a call to inquire about silverfish pest control services

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish

Silverfish are difficult to get rid of. You might attempt to use sticky traps or pesticides. However, these only take care of a few insects when there are likely many, many more hiding away and reproducing. Plus, traps typically only work for adult silverfish. Silverfish in egg or larval state will continue to develop long after the adults are gone. 

The only way to truly take care of a silverfish problem is to eliminate what is attracting them to the home or building. Our silverfish pest control services in Sacramento and the surrounding areas will include an initial consultation and thorough inspection of the area so we can determine why the insects are attracted to your property. From there, we will devise a plan that focuses on long-term solutions to get rid of the current infestation and prevent new infestations from emerging.

Get in touch with our Sacramento pest control team today to discuss our silverfish pest control services. 

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