Sacramento Pest Control and the Fall Pests You Should Be on the Lookout For

As the summer season comes to an end and the fall approaches, the temperature begins to drop. During this time, many pests begin to search for a safe, warm place to create a nest and live through the fall and winter months. Today, we are going to discuss the pests that you are most likely to find in your Sacramento home during the fall. 

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As the fall season approaches, it may become more common to find cockroaches in your home. Cockroaches are a pest that nobody wants to find in their home no matter the season. They are known for spreading diseases like salmonella, typhoid fever, cholera, plague, staph infections, and more. When cockroaches crawl through places like your trash can, the bathroom, or the crack between your counter and stove, they pick up bacteria. The cockroaches continue to crawl through the rest of your kitchen, over your clean countertop and even in the pantry, leaving behind the bacteria that they picked up in the not-so-clean areas of your home. 

Once cockroaches find a place to nest, they are incredibly difficult to get rid of. They can go for a month without eating, so deep cleaning your home may not be enough to deter them from living in your space. Professional pest control is the only guaranteed way to get rid of a cockroach infestation in your home.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are easily transferred from place to place and are extremely hard to get rid of once they make their home in your mattress, couch, and other furniture. To attract bed bugs, you don’t have to be unhygienic or messy. In fact, you can unknowingly bring bed bugs into your home when you purchase a furniture piece, especially if it’s second hand. Another common way bed bugs are brought into homes is by someone who has bed bugs and doesn’t know it. For example, if your friend has bed bugs at their home and you invite them to visit, the bed bugs often hitch a ride on your friend’s clothing and then crawl into your couch or chair while they are visiting. You can even pick up bed bugs in hotels, at the movie theatre, or on the bus. 


As the cooler weather comes to Sacramento, rodents are in search of a warm place to live for the fall and winter months. Rodents can find their way into your home through cracks or holes in the foundation of your home, windows that are missing screens, garage doors that are left open, and any other crack or hole that is big enough for them to fit through. 

Since rodents are one of the larger pests, if you have an infestation, you’ll commonly hear them moving around. You may hear scratching in the walls or even a mouse scamper across your bedroom floor at night. Many times, rodents tend to hide out in basements and attics where they have a warm, safe place to nest and still have easy access to your home for food and water. 


While spiders are not necessarily known for spreading diseases, they are still a pest that you don’t want in your home. And as the weather cools, they will be searching for a warm place to live. Many spiders are completely harmless to humans, but there are other species such as the black widow and brown recluse that may be dangerous. Regardless of what type of spiders you find in your home, the Sacramento pest control experts at Earthwise Pest Management can help. We can effectively and safely remove any species of spider from your home, so you can enjoy your fall without any uninvited guests. 


Ants are another pest that begin to look for a warmer place to live as the weather gets colder outdoors. Your Sacramento home may be just the place for ants to find water, food, and a nice place to live. In Sacramento, we have plenty of different species of ants, which means that each ant requires a different pest control method. Carpenter ants are often difficult to spot because they spend lots of their time burrowing through the wood in your home. They don’t eat the wood like termites do, but they do live inside of it making it more difficult to identify an infestation. Other types of ants, like thief ants, prefer eating protein which can be in the form of meat, blood, or even other insects. These extremely small ants are sometimes difficult to spot as well because of their size. During the fall season, ants of all sizes may find their way into your home, but Earthwise Pest Management can help. 


Moths are not typically a dangerous pest. They aren’t known for spreading diseases and they don’t bite humans. However, a moth infestation, if left untreated, can destroy your clothing. While you may mostly notice moths during the summer months as you enjoy sitting on your patio at night, moths can also find their way into your home and cause damage to your belongings. Don’t let moths infest your home — get help from the Sacramento pest control experts today at Earthwise Pest Management. 

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At Earthwise Pest Management, we utilize a pest control method called Integrated Pest Control (IPM). This process allows us to successfully rid your home of pests and prevent future infestations while minimizing the amount of pesticides we use. This environmentally-responsible pest control tactic is safe and effective. Contact the Sacramento pest control experts at Earthwise Pest Management today to learn more.