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Are you dealing with bugs or rodents in your Rockland home?

Whether it be summer, spring, winter, or fall, chances are you are going to deal with a pest problem in your home at one point or another. Plain and simple, having a pest in your home is an inconvenience and it also poses a health threat to adults, children, and pets alike. Certain pests can even cause damage to your Rockland home. So what should you do when you discover you indeed have a pest in your home? Well, there is really only one answer that makes sense and that answer is to call the professional pest control team at Earthwise Pest Management.

Hire A Pest Control Company With Your Best Interest In Mind

When it comes to protecting your home in Rockland from a myriad of pests, there is a reason that people choose Earthwise time and time again. Our exceptional service, passionate team members, and timely turnaround have made quite the reputation for us in this part of California and that makes us proud to serve you. We know that every home we enter will be better and safer once we leave. Your home will be no exception. As a family-owned and operated business, you can bet that we will not be satisfied until you are.

Our Residential Pest Control Services in Rockland

In California, we have numerous pests that we have to concern ourselves with year-round. On the other hand, as experienced pest experts, we know that there are specific pests that we are going to have to deal with more often than others. Since we have been servicing the Rockland area for many years, this means we know what to look for when we get a call to complete a property inspection. Continue reading below if you want to find out which pests are most likely to infiltrate your home in Rockland.

Bed Bugs

All across the planet, bed bugs are everywhere. This includes the wonderful state of California. These insects from the cimicid family are small, brown in color, and survive by feasting on blood, much like ticks. While the majority of these pests were exterminated in the United States after World War II, they have made quite the comeback in recent years, putting you and your family at risk. If you think you have a problem with bed bugs, you need to contact us immediately before the issue gets worse.


With over 2,277 species of rodents in this world, the likelihood of you finding one or more in your home at some point is relatively high. While we know this isn’t exactly what you want to hear, the good news is that we know how to handle the problem. Earthwise will address your situation so that whether it be rats, mice, or both, you won’t have to worry about these creatures being an issue any longer.


Termites are considered to be the most damaging pest that you can have invade your home. Annoyingly enough, they also tend to be one of the pest species that is most difficult to identify when they infest a space. This is why we often suggest to our customers that they have an inspection of their property at least once a year to determine if there are any termites hiding out in the infrastructure of their homes. If you happen to suspect you have termites, you can also feel free to call us as soon as you can, as it can’t hurt to double check with the help of an expert.


While it may not seem like it would be the case, ants can be quite the nuisance if they get into your home. Sure, you may think ants are harmless, and for the most part, you would be correct. However, ants can become an extremely obnoxious invader if there are enough of them that have found their way onto your property. Lucky for you, the experts at Earthwise can determine how the ants are getting into your home, seal off the entry points, and get rid of any of these insects that might still be residing in your home.

Other Pests

You probably didn’t know you needed to keep an eye out for so many pesky critters, did you? Sure these are the most common pests we will find in Rockland homes, but they are by no means the only ones. Well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news but there are actually many more pests that we run into from time to time. Earthwise also offers extermination services for the following types of pests: fleas, silverfish, cockroaches, bees, mosquitoes, ticks, moths, spiders and more.

What Makes Earthwise Different?

We have helped thousands of families across our portion of the state of California with common home pest control problems. This is why we are the experts in things like eliminating and preventing wood destroying insect; protecting gardens and house from mice and rat, as well as making sure that homes are safe against other pests that may cause families or homes harm. You are our first priority every single time we show up at your front door and we will not leave until you feel comfortable in your own home once again.

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If you are searching for a way to ensure that you can get the pests that are currently residing in your home out, we would be honored to be the company you choose to help you do exactly that. Earthwise Pest Management is not only a pest control company, we are people who care about you. We will handle the issue at hand and also do a thorough inspection to ensure that you won’t be dealing with any more unwanted pests anytime in the near future. Why wait for a pest infestation to worsen before you act? Contact us right now to learn more about our pest control services and get a free quote!

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