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Pest Control West Sacramento

Here at Earthwise Pest Management, we are proud to be the Top Rated Local® pest control team in the Greater Sacramento area. As your pest control company, we offer a number of services to the city of West Sacramento so residents can keep their homes and businesses pest-free year-round. No pest problem is too big or too small for the experts at Earthwise, whether you have a major termite infestation or a small rodent problem. Get in touch with our team today and we’ll happily provide you with a free pest management quote!

Our West Sacramento Pest Control Services

Termite Control

Termites are one of the last pests you want to find in your home because, by the time you notice them, the damage is often already done. The best way to ensure that a termite infestation doesn’t get out of hand right under your nose is to have regular termite inspections performed by a pest control company.

If termites are found, our team can perform a termite treatment to take care of an existing colony. If no evidence of a termite problem is found, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you saved a whole bunch of money on termite treatment in West Sacramento.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Like termites, bed bugs are a very undesirable pest. At least termites eat wood, though, and not your blood! These parasitic little bugs can go from two to 200 quickly, so it is important to recognize the signs of a bed bug infestation and take steps to prevent bed bugs from getting into your home in the first place.

If you notice that you have bed bugs, give Earthwise a call. Our West Sacramento bed bug treatment involves using heat to kill off any existing bugs and their eggs. Not only is heat the most effective form of bed bug control, but it also prevents the use of harmful pesticides in your sleeping area.

Rodent Removal

Rodents do more than just leave little droppings around the house. They can destroy your electrical wires and increase your fire risk, spread diseases, make your home smell, and chew through just about anything. If you notice any signs of a rodent infestation or if you see a rodent in your home, give us a call.

While some rodent control companies in West Sacramento will just set messy traps, we go above and beyond to take control of rodent problems. Using a method of pest control called Integrated Pest Management, we closely inspect the home to not only find out how the rodents are getting in but also why they want to stay. Then, we’ll devise an action plan to get rid of any entrance points or rodent-attracting features of your property.

Commercial Pest Control

While we offer the above pest control services to residential homes, we also provide excellent commercial pest control in West Sacramento for retail stores, restaurants, medical facilities, schools, apartment complexes, and other commercial spaces.

As a commercial property owner, it is vital that your premises remain pest-free. While pests in a home are a nuisance, pests in a restaurant or warehouse can scare away customers or ruin inventory. Whether you’re dealing with a particular pest in your commercial space or you simply want to invest in preventative maintenance, Earthwise can help. Make sure to reach out about our commercial pest control services today!

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Why Choose Earthwise

We Have the Experience You Are Looking For

Since there are so many pest management companies in West Sacramento, it can become difficult picking the right one to service your home or business. On the other hand, when you learn more about the Earthwise Pest Management family, you will quickly realize that we are by far the very best option for you and your space.  As a family-owned and operated business, Earthwise has been working in the pest control industry long enough to know how to get the job done right the first time, every time. Trust us, you aren’t going to find better pest technicians in California than our team that is serving West Sacramento.

Reduce the Health Risks that Comes with Pest Control

If you purchase pesticide products at your local convenience store, you may assume that their availability means they are safe to use. We hate to break this to you, but store-bought pesticides are just as harmful as any other pesticides would be. Not only do they pose a threat to those who are applying them to the space, but they also can be dangerous to those who spend time in that space after the pesticides have been used. Keeping this in mind, we would suggest you let the professionals do the job to ensure the pesticides are used in a safe and non-threatening manner.

We Keep Your Budget in Mind

We are very concerned about you and your family as we are a family-owned business at Earthwise. Because of this, we want to offer you fair and affordable prices on our pest control services. If you are interested in more specifics about the prices of our pest control services, we would be happy to help you today. By simply calling our team of expert pest technicians, you can find out what sort of price we would offer for whatever services it is that you need from us.

We Are Your West Sacramento Pest Control Company

When it comes to pest control in West Sacramento and the surrounding areas, you can count on Earthwise Pest Management to get the job done. Our method of pest control is proven to be effective at not only handling current infestations, but also at preventing future ones from occurring.

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