Parts of Commercial Buildings Most Likely to Attract Pests

In our last blog post, we touched on how common it is for pests to find their way into commercial spaces and what the three most common pests that you should be keeping an eye out for are. Now that you know what you should be looking for, we figured it was best to touch on the areas of commercial buildings that are most likely to attract pests in the first place and why. Our hopes are that by providing you with this information, you’re better able to take preventative measures. Let’s get started!


It should go without saying that cafeterias are one of the most common places that pests are found. Given that these areas usually provide a source of food to any pests, it makes sense that pests not only find their way to a cafeteria but that they also find a home within the space. Aside from providing pests with a food source, these types of areas also provide pests with an ideal space to make a home.

Cafeterias usually have running water, which means that there’s some type of moisture for these pests to use as a water source. The combination of heat and moisture also provides the ideal climate for insects to thrive. All of this being said, there are quite a few preventative measures that you can take to avoid pests making a home in your commercial building cafeteria.

For starters, have a high-quality cleaning company that comes in routinely to keep the space free of any food remains. You should also stay on top of any leaks or moisture that build up in the space so that this space doesn’t become an ideal location for pests to make a house.


As you may have gained from our last post, moisture is one of the things that makes a space desirable for pests. When it comes to commercial spaces, restrooms are going to be one of the few places where consistent moisture is found. Again, you’re going to want to check for leaks on a regular basis and make sure that these rooms don’t get too humid and that there isn’t much trash being kept in the bathroom.

Mechanical & Janitorial Rooms

Rooms that go untouched or cleaned on a consistent basis are another place that you can almost always expect to find pests. Some of the most common rooms that go untouched are the janitorial room and the mechanical rooms. These rooms are primarily used for storage or on an as-needed basis, so it’s not too surprising that they do acquire pests.

When spaces are rarely disturbed, pests find a way in and they will hardly ever find a way out. If they’re able to find a place where they can go undisturbed, and they have a food source that they are aware of, then this could quickly turn into a long-term home for these types of pests and quickly become an infestation in your commercial building.

The best way to avoid this is to keep all of these storage-like rooms organized and clean and to check them every so often to make sure that there aren’t any pests that have found a new home here.


When you’ve got a lot of foot traffic coming in and out of your commercial building you can almost always count on some pest finding its way in. Entryways are a significant point of entrance for people and pests. Most commercial buildings will have automatic doors that make it easy for people to get in, but as people are entering all sorts of insects can make it through.

If your commercial building operates during the night hours as well, there’s are entirely different pests that you have to worry about making their way in. For example, businesses that open at this time will have more moths and/or bats to worry about nesting in their commercial building than those that operate during the day.

This is a tough area to avoid any issues with, but the best thing that you can do is ensure that you’re keeping the space clean and that you take care of any pests that you do see as you see them. It’s also not a bad idea to have the space fumigated on a routine basis just to be safe.

Break Areas

Similar to cafeteria spaces, break rooms are a common space for pests to make a home because of the food source that can almost always be found. Aside from that, they are one of the less interrupted spaces of a commercial building since they’re only used on an as-needed basis. Even if you have employees using this space on a daily basis, you could still have pests that go completely unnoticed. Make sure that you are removing any trash from these spaces at the end of the day and that you keep a close watch on any food that is in the space.

Work With Professionals

As a professional you know that high-quality results are found when you receive high-quality service. The team at Earthwise Pest Management has years of experience providing the greater Sacramento area with the pest control solutions that they need. If you’re in need of commercial pest control services, you can count on our team to provide you with solutions. Contact us today, and we would be more than happy to provide you with answers to all of your questions.