There is more to pest management than merely pest removal. At Earthwise Pest Management, we aid our customers to learn how simple changes in maintaining your property can dramatically influence the appeal your premises has to pests. That’s because we believe valuable pest control isn’t just about fast and responsive removal — it’s about complete elimination. We work hard to remove pests from your property and ensure they never return.

We do this by employing our Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which uses a three-step control process to discourage pests from being attracted to your property in the first place. Our team of specialists will restrict pests’ access using natural barriers to enhance and protect your home or business. We then teach you useful habits and routines that lessen the likelihood of attracting pests into your property. Finally, we utilize biology by introducing plants and/or non-invasive animals that discourage pests from infesting your space. By carefully following this series of preventative measures and educating you on how to inhibit infestations, we hope to equip you with the proper skills and fortifications to ensure your satisfaction.

At Earthwise Pest Management, we believe that it is through empowering our customers that we succeed in providing the most reliable service in the Sacramento area. To help empower you with information on pest control, we have provided insights for you online. Our educational blogs address the many questions and concerns that directly impact living in the Sacramento area. If you live in Sacramento and are looking to receive pest management services, contact our team of experts to receive a free consultation.

  1. 4 Serious Problems Caused by Ant Infestations

    While ants are certainly unpleasant to have in your home, they can also cause problems beyond just their undesirable presence. Ants can cause health problems such as spreading bacteria that cause salmonella and staph infections, they can bite and sting, and for those that are allergic to ant stings,…Read More

  2. Pest Control in Sacramento and Keeping Cockroaches at Bay

    Few things in life are more frustrating than a roach infestation. These persistent pests make themselves at home in your bathrooms, kitchen and other living space in search of food. The problem quickly gets worse as they multiply fast. It is a scene you have witnessed in a movie or television show. …Read More

  3. Pest Management Checklist For New Homeowners

    Buying a new home is exciting whether it is your first home or your fifth home. One thing you must be wary of, however, when buying a home is the potential that you might inherit a pest problem with it. You are also likely in a new neighborhood that might have new and unexpected pest problems that y…Read More