Pest management is more than just pest removal. Often, it can be learning to make personal changes in how your approach to the problem. This is what we at Earthwise Pest Management aim to help all our customers achieve. For us, worthwhile pest control isn’t just about fast and responsive removal — it’s about complete elimination. We work hard to remove pests from your property and take extensive measures to prevent them from ever returning.

To do this, we implement our Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This system takes advantage of the various factors we can influence to prevent pests from popping up on your property. Our company will help make changes to your property that effectively minimize the chances of pest infestation occurring. Team specialists will also teach you how to develop habits and routines that lessen the likelihood of attracting pests into your property. Finally, we utilize biological solutions to solve a natural problem. Nature is all about balance, and we take advantage of this fact by introducing plants and/or non-invasive animals to discourage pests that impact your quality of life. By following this series of precautionary measures and educating you on how to minimize infestations, we are confident your future will be free of stress and without pests.

At Earthwise Pest Management, we believe that it is our expert knowledge on pest control that we succeed in providing the most effective service in the Roseville area. As an online source, we have provided insights on the following educational blogs, where we address the many questions and concerns that directly impact living in the Roseville area. If you live in Roseville and are experiencing any pest-related problems, reach out to our team of experts to receive a free consultation.

  1. Pest Management Company and Annoying Things

    Want to know what is really annoying? Having to call a pest management company because of an infestation. It doesn't matter if it is ants, termites or a wasp nest in the attic, pests are annoying. The good news is that the professionals at Earthwise Pest Control can deal with your pest problem in a …Read More

  2. Fun Insect Facts Everyone Should Know

    Just because Earthwise Pest Management has dedicated its life to getting rid of pests in the Roseville area doesn’t mean that we don’t love, admire, and try to preserve insects. After all, insects were on this planet millions of years before we were, and they play a vital role in the food chain …Read More

  3. How To Treat Bug Bites

    No one likes getting bug bites! Bites can be itchy and annoying, though thankfully most of them will go away on their own in about a week. That said, bug bites are more common if your home or property has a pest problem. If you notice you are getting more bites from mosquitoes, spiders, or flies tha…Read More

  4. Spider Myths Unravelled

    Spiders have been around for a very long time, much longer than humans. They have survived this long due to their ability to adapt. Myths or legends involving spiders have been around almost as long as humans have been. They appear in many stories that we love. The ancient Greeks told of a beautiful…Read More