When it comes to commercial and residential pest control, Sacramento residents know that Earthwise Pest Management is one of the best pest removal companies in the region. We pride ourselves on maintaining a vast knowledge of the best practices when it comes to pest removal, including using a method of pest management called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This type of pest control involves managing the current infestation and preventing future pests from entering your home, office, or commercial building through various means. By reading the blogs below, you will learn more about our Sacramento pest control company, our effective means of pest removal, and why we are one of the first people you should call when you notice a few too many bugs or rodents on your property.

A few pests can turn into a major infestation before you know it. The blogs below will contain educational information about different pests you might encounter in Northern California, how to spot them before an infestation gets out of control, and what to do about it. If you do notice any of the signs of an obvious pest problem, make sure to give our Sacramento pest control company a call for a free consultation.

  1. Diseases Mosquitoes Carry

    In our last blog post, we touched heavily on mosquitoes, how they function and some of the ways that you can manage large quantities swarming your house. One of the significant concerns that we touched on was that mosquitoes are able to carry disease. As someone that may have large quantities of mos…Read More

  2. A Comprehensive Guide to Fleas

    As a pet owner, there are additional types of pests that you need to be worried about. While a majority of the pests that we concern ourselves with are because of the chances of being bitten, fleas are predominantly found on pets and require completely different types of precautionary actions. In ou…Read More

  3. A Comprehensive Guide to Ticks

    Ticks have been around for nearly 90 million years, and are considered arachnids, which is the same classification as spiders. These pests are known for their bloodsucking tendencies after having burrowed underneath your skin. Ticks are commonly found in grassy area or woods that have tall trees. If…Read More

  4. A Comprehensive Guide to Silverfish

    Finding a bug that’s made its way into your home can be quite alarming, but it’s even more alarming when you find a bug that’s been feeding off of your belongings. This is more often than not the case for Silverfish. These pests find their way into your home in various ways! From getting a rid…Read More

  5. When To Call A Sacramento Exterminator

    There isn’t a single person we have ever met who likes to deal with having bugs or rodents in their home during any time of the year. While some people might suggest that you try and take care of your pest problems on your own, we personally don’t think that is the best option. This is especiall…Read More

  6. What Do Mice & Rats Really Want?

    When you have to go to war with rodents in your home, the battles often last much longer than you anticipate as mice and rats are very resourceful pests. However, the best offense is always a good defense and therefore, it is important that you realize why mice and rats choose to come into your home…Read More

  7. Preventing Rodents In Your Sacramento Home

    When most people think of a rodent, the first thing they picture is a rat or a mouse. However, it is important to remember that the world of rodents goes far and beyond your typical house mouse or rat. Other rodents include but are not limited to squirrels, gophers, beavers, porcupines, and many mor…Read More

  8. Preparing For Summer: It’s Time To Think About Ticks

    While you may not ever really want to think about ticks, the truth is that you don’t really have a choice once the weather starts to get warmer. Considering this is exactly what we have been dealing with recently, it’s time to start thinking about how to protect yourself and your loved ones from…Read More

  9. Preparing For Summer: Mosquito Season Is Here

    Mosquitoes are incredibly resilient creatures that are known to be able to live through drought and freezing temperatures. There are also certain species of mosquito that travel incredibly far distances in order to feed, while others will live the entirety of their lives just 150 feet from the place…Read More

  10. How Does Weather Affect Your Insect Issues?

    When the weather changes because of the seasons, it is often very difficult to control insect infestations. This is especially true when the weather begins to get warmer. Increasing temperatures, warner winter, increasing precipitation, and droughts, all work to make it easier for certain insects to…Read More