In order to get rid of pests, you have to think like a pest. The more you know about the pests that are invading your home or commercial space, the better you will be able to eradicate the current infestation and prevent more from entering the premises. Below, you will find a collection of educational blogs that highlight some specific characteristics of the most common pests we see here in California.

As a Sacramento pest control company, we get calls about everything from ants to termites to rats to spiders and more. These pests can not only cause you to feel uncomfortable in your home if you have an active infestation, but they can also spread disease, contaminate your food, and cause physical distress if they bite you.

Keep an eye on this blog page to continue educating yourself about different critters and creepy crawlies you might encounter. While you can always give your Sacramento pest management company a call, by reading these blogs you might realize that the solution to your pest problem is as simple as replacing broken screen doors or finding better ways to store your food. Of course, if your pest issue does get out of control, give us a call. We offer the type of pest control Sacramento residents can rely on.

  1. Educational Information From the Experts: Ant Eradication

    Which species are considered ‘ants’? Most people don’t know that there are over 10,000 different species of ants in the world. This is because only about 25 of these species commonly infest homes in the United States, with even fewer infesting California homes. However, it might not feel like …Read More

  2. Educational Information From the Experts: Spider Eradication

    Which species are considered ‘spiders’? Every person on the planet is fairly familiar with spiders. They know that spiders are not insects but instead, belong to a group of animals known as “arachnids”. Along with what you think of when someone mentions spiders, scorpions, mites, and ticks a…Read More

  3. Educational Information From the Experts: Rodent Eradication

    Which species are considered ‘Rodents’? While you may not be aware, there are approximately 4,000 different species of rodents on the planet. Based off their unique anatomy, these rodents are commonly split into three well-defined groups or suborders in order to more clearly categorize them. The…Read More

  4. A Comprehensive Guide To Termites

    In many cases, the pests that plague our homes actually have an extremely vital role in the ecosystems of the area. One such pest that is beneficial to nature but destructive to homes is the termite. Termites are well-known for their damaging effects on building structures, but they are not always r…Read More

  5. A Comprehensive Guide To Spiders

    When it comes to pests that invade our homes, there is perhaps no creature more feared than the eight-legged spider. Spiders have long induced fear in humans and the lore that surrounds spiders has even inspired terrifying films, depicting these creatures as menacing and horrid. In reality, of the c…Read More

  6. A Comprehensive Guide To Carpenter Ants

    In a previous guide, we discussed the nuisance of house ants. However, these pesky creatures aren’t the only ants that can wreak havoc on your home. Another ant type that Californian homes see is the carpenter ant. Learning how to identify these ants and understanding what attracts them to a prope…Read More

  7. A Comprehensive Guide To House Ants

    While some of the other pests we have covered in recent articles, such as the cockroach or rat, may seem more repulsive than a common ant, ants can be a cause for concern when they take up residence in your home. Here in California, we have a variety of ant types living in our gardens, yards, and so…Read More

  8. A Comprehensive Guide To Cockroaches

    There is perhaps no worse feeling than turning on lights in a room at night only to see dozens of cockroaches scatter across the room in search of a dark place to hide. Cockroaches are an extremely unpleasant pest to have in your home and can be a cause for concern as they have a detrimental impact …Read More

  9. A Comprehensive Guide To Rats

    While all rodents may seem alike, when it comes to destruction, rats stand above the rest. No homeowner wants to have any pest invade their abode but when rats take up residence in your home, you will wind up with bigger issues on your hands. From damaging your home to contaminating your food, these…Read More